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Queen Oud Lao

Original: moutain Viet _ Laos

Grade: queen oud Viet _ Laos

Smell: very hot spicy, very cool long last smell

Material:natural from moutain  Viet Nam - Laos

Supply ability: 5 - 10 kilo/ months

Source: vietnam

min order: 100g

  • Status : Stocking
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Showroom: Ngũ Hành Sơn - Đà Nẵng

Work time: 8h00-20h00 (all day)

Highlights of Queen Oud Lao

Oil oud agarwood 100%. Collection from Moutain Laos - Việt Nam, where best sweet smell oud in Asean

Smell lasting time: >24 hours

Specifications: the highest purity,  long lasting, no chemicals or artificial color added

SHAPE: all meidum and small chips CONE

Use for burn in house/ office/








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