Distinction of Aging & Chemical Incense

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Distinction of Aging & Chemical Incense
oday, there are many kinds of incense sticks, high-grade to low-grade incense sticks, and incense sticks to toxic incense sticks. This has led many confused customers to choose the right product for their health and devotion to the deceased.


- Non-chemical incense incense brown or natural color of incense wood incense, chemical incense usually yellow, black.

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incense using toxic chemicals


- Non-chemical incense with natural aroma, thoang gentle, relaxing. Incense chemicals are often strong, shocking, unpleasant.

- Clean non-chemical incense with round toothpick, sure high.

The main raw material of incense is not chemicals are produced Agarwood powder, In the wood pulp Agarwood has a fine amount of oil to penetrate the powder is good for health when burning. Helps to relax and ventilate. dense grass we produce high quality incense stick


Chemical incense is made a kind of incense powder, along with incense sticks, colorants and chemicals (odorants). Regular incense powder made sawdust, pulp, sugar cane, rice husk powder ... pureed. Note: When you hold the incense stick on the nose to breathe deeply and strong, if the smell is pleasant, gentle and not choking, it is non-chemical incense. If you inhale strongly that is hot, choke is that chemical incense.


Agarwood OUDVIETNAMSTORE produces 100% natural Agarwood, absolutely free chemicals. Incense is specially used as a very meaningful gift and spiritual element. 

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