grade queen oud viet nam

Original: North Viet Nam

Grade: queen agarwood/ oud viet nam

Smell: sweet, cool, long last on clothes/ house/ office

Material: natural from moutain Viet Nam

Supply ability: 5-10 kilo/ months

min order: 100g

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Showroom: Tầng 2 - Tòa Green Office, chung cư Meco – ngõ 102 Trường Chinh, HN

Work time: 8h00-20h00 (all day)

Highlights of grade queen oud viet nam

Old years oud agarwood viet nam. Collection from Moutain north  Việt Nam, where best sweet smell oud in Viet Nam

oil oud agarwood viet nam 100%

Smell lasting time: >24 hours

Specifications: the highest purity,  long lasting, no chemicals or artificial color added

shape: meidum and small chips

use for burn in house/ office/






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